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Your benefit

What´s in it for You

Which are the benefits from effectiviTREE?

effectiviTREE is a simple but powerful organizer.
It helps You to set plain goals and to attain them with a straightforward cycle of improving priority setting

  • At first glance effectiviTREE is a professional tool to structure, draft or outline just any topic. That is good. But there is more
  • Boost Your priorities: Get more of the important things done.
    With effectiviTREE You decide more often, much simpler and more effective about Your priorities. That will help You to do more of the important tasks and less of the unimportant. More important tasks result in more important successes
  • Focus on objectives: Set plain goals
    effectiviTREE doesn´t align Your time management with meetings. Now focus on plain and clear goals. Plain and handy tasks are easier to tackle than big, confusing objectives
  • Never forget
    effectiviTREE will help You to create an outstanding reliability
  • Clear up desk and desktop:
    Keep information linked to tasks. One click only to start work. And even more: Combine effectiviTREE with the power of meineZIELE and every document, even on paper, is directly linked to Your task

Outline Your dream

Any draft or outline is similar to a tree. Maybe You start with a big, confusing, unmanageable dream. We don´t get it going before we have at least some framework in mind. We need partial goals, each of them a bit more transparent and less confusing than big dream we started with.

So we start outlining our draft like branches of a tree. Then we go on and split further. We define parts of partial goals. We write down milestones and tasks and single steps. Just like the branches, twigs and leaves of a tree.

In this process we arrive at more and more straightforward tasks and handy steps, which are plain and clear. The big dream has become a tree of things we know we can manage. Doubt gives way to confidence. Our subconscious stops blocking us. That is the important thing. An abstract ambition or intention has become a plain goal. Roll up You sleeves now. Go for it.

Do more of the important

Success may end up in money and splendor. But it always begins with small things that succeed.

There is one important thing to know about success: There are unimportant tasks to do, which flow in small successes. And there are more important tasks which flow into bigger success. To better tell which one to give priority means to foster success.

That is the other big thing You get from effectiviTREE.

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effectiviTREE improves efficiency.