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Workable Checklists

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Make money with workable checklists

Checklists are valuable know-how and easy to use. Just work through the list and tick all items off. Done.

But normal checklists do not consider individual circumstances. They are made for everyone. That makes them fail for a lot of use-cases.

Here is where workable checklists come in and add their value. They are well prepared like any good checklist. But they are organizer-based as a perfect starting point. Now the user can add, outline and prioritize along his own needs. Imagine the opportunities.

  • Use ingenious organizer-based checklists as a marketing- or coworking-tool
  • Innovative, free, fast and easy to use
  • Cloud-based, immediate worldwide availability
  • See simple example
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A magic new way of distributing checklists:

1 Use Your own logo

2 Use outliner capabilities

3 Set Links to Your offers or additional information

4 In Short: Use Your checklist within an organizer for immediate tackling

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What is a workable Checklist?

Everyone knows checklists: Provide a list of items, work down the list and check the items off. That is easy and nothing will be forgotten.

But checklists are too superficial. A checklist for winterizing your garden? Gardens are far too different for that. Or a checklist for regular maintenance work on the house? Someone may have his tiled stove to be cleaned, others simply don't have one. Such individual circumstances make checklists fail. Items which don´t suit everyone, are left out. Only entertainment value remains. To distribute this kind of checklists does not make sense.

On the other hand: Checklists are valuable know-how. People are grateful to get one. They save time and money. How can we improve them?

There is another value we must add to checklists: Enable the user to supplement, structure, prioritize and delete items and add his own web links. Like a to-do list built with effectiviTREE. We sometimes call this an empowering checklist because it can really electrify the user. He tackles tasks more easily than ever before.

A perfectly simple nudge

Now imagine: You create a workable checklist, e.g. a collection of energy saving tips, in which your own offer is then mentioned somewhere. Then with 2 (!) mouse clicks you create a link with which every potential customer worldwide can load this checklist directly and work with it.

Whenever checklists should be personalized and get a time- and task-management of their own: Distribute it as a workable checklist with effectiviTREE!

  • The inhibition threshold before taking the first step is reduced considerably
  • Ideas mature much faster
  • "Fascination topics" can increase interest in the subject area
  • The user develops his own goals much faster
  • Your own concern is given an enormously high priority

Now a link in an email or a QR code on a brochure is enough to get the user started. This is no longer a simple advertisement, but an initial spark. It´s sparkling advertising and a perfect promotion tool.

A checklist is more than a cheat sheet

A checklist
can be much more
than just a cheat sheet.
It could be
the first step
of tackling with vigor

Example checklist energy saving tips


There is a very easy and flexible way to add additional columns:


example checklist with additional columns


By the way: Any ideas about international use and foreign languages?


Let's stay with using this as a marketing tool and the current example "energy-saving tips". Many people would like to take up this topic. Maybe just the last impulse is missing. Imagine you offer service water heat pumps and want to introduce potential customers to your topic. Or you offer particularly economical chest freezers and want to give a buying impulse. In both cases it is a good idea to provide support in the form of a workable checklist.

This assistance can now have several objectives:

  • Completeness: The usual function of a checklist: It lists things to think about
  • Know-how: The list can contain further links, for example to sources of knowledge or manufacturers and to your own offer
  • Suggestions for action: The user becomes more active when he finds some concrete examples of action, which he then supplements from his own situation
  • Decision-making aids: Users appreciate it when it is clearly stated which decisions have to be made and which are the most important arguments for them
  • Low Hanging Fruit: Users appreciate suggestions for first steps with little effort and great effect
  • Fascinating topics: Information about interesting side issue strengthens the connection to the topic. Customers don't want to buy functions, they want benefits, entertainment and fascination (The example of energy-saving tips could provide a link to How much CO₂ does mankind produce per year?")

We have created a small example: When You click here, effectiviTREE will start directly with this example .

example checklist with vendor Link

How else could this be used?

An obvious business case for Workable Checklist is a marketing tool. Get Your own logo, mention Your products, link to Your website ... But Workable Checklists, so consistently implemented and so easy to use as with effectiviTREE, are a world first. Even we don't yet know the full potential of it.

a workable checklist can always be used when checking and ticking off the same things is not enough, but when an individual situation comes into play in the application.

Some ideas:

  • A customer has ordered: You send a checklist with which he prepares the delivery of your system
  • A know-how gift for advertising purposes
  • An onboarding checklist
  • How do I found a local branch of my club/party?
  • Learning plans with exercises, e.g. for software tools
  • Instructions for preparing for a software update or migration
  • Instructions according to which reports should be prepared, such as monthly reports from branches in your group
  • Even a simple travel checklist can have important action parts like getting new passport photos
  • User Manuals
  • Prepare for the next council meeting

Think about

  • Applications within your company
  • Applications with customers
  • Applications for interested parties in the broadest sense

Another advantage: You have the choice between cloud application and local Windows application. In effectiviTREE, completed checklists on our server are very well protected by front-end encryption, and linked files on a cloud server can be the same. But if you simply don't want to entrust confidential or security-relevant information, certification templates, patent preparation or fire protection information for the works fire brigade to a cloud application, you can distribute your checklist in the same way and let the user simply edit it locally with meineZIELE.

Questions or suggestions? Call us: +49 7802 5256

Creating and distributing a workable checklist is free.

For the user accessing the checklist is free of charge and anonymous, just like accessing a normal website. If he edits the checklist and then wants to save it, he can create a free account. For extensive checklists, a paid subscription to effectiviTREE may be required. See info below

Create the list you want. You can do that directly with effectiviTREE. It is more convenient and with the option of saving intermediate results if you create the structure in meineZIELE and upload it to your effectiviTREE account.

Create the checklist´s URL with 2 mouseclicks

Create the Workable Checklist in effectiviTREE in the Account menu. With 1 click the checklist is created and the URL for copying is displayed.

As with normal use of effectiviTREE, your original remains encrypted and protected on our server in your account. The publicly available Workable Checklist is stored on the same server but separately. Changes to your original are therefore only propagated to the public file when you invoke the creation again.

If a user creates an effectiviTREE account and saves his customized list, then this is in turn encrypted and protected on our server as a normal customer application from effectiviTREE.

The list exists and will be delivered to Your users as long as your effectiviTREE subscription exists. Checklists made with a free version will be automatically deleted when they remain unused for more than 30 days. You can also remove the list by deleting it in effectiviTREE in the Account menu

A web address (URL) is displayed when you create it. You can copy and pass this on. If you rebuild your list, this URL will remain. On the other hand, if you delete and recreate the list, this URL will change.

Create the checklist´s URL with 2 mouseclicks

You can then, for example, link this URL to your website, send it by email or spread it on a brochure with a QR code ...

If you're distributing a workable checklist for promotional purposes, you probably want to know who is creating an account with us and working with your list.

For data protection reasons, this is not possible at the moment if we make the list available under our own logo, our data protection declaration and imprint. Your users' accounts are protected just like your own.

But it is also possible to offer Workable Checklists with your logo, your legal texts and your imprint as a service provider. Provided that you have given the relevant information in your data protection declaration, we can then send you the e-mail addresses of your customers.

You may only use our service as long as you do not directly or indirectly make any illegal or immoral content available with it. This applies both to German law and, if applicable, to the legal regulations of your country.

Yes. As a service provider, we offer design and technology adjustments right through to turnkey solutions on your company's own server. Get advice: Phone. +49 7802 5256

You are responsable for the content of Your checklist. That means in most countries, that You have to give Your name and impressum information.

We recommend putting copyright and other legal notices at the top level of the outline, so that they are not hidden by collapsing the outline.

You are responsable for the content of Your checklist. That means yes. As long as You comply with all legal regulations You can use Workable Checklists for affiliate marketing.

Make use worldwide

Which services are on offer?

Workable Checklists only require a subscription to effectiviTREE. You can use meineZIELE as well as effectiviTREE to build some checklist to be deployed as an Workable Checklist.

After creation, the list is immediately functional and accessible worldwide.

Different licenses:

  • Number of Views: The number of possible views by Your customers is unlimited by now, but might be subject to limitations at some time in the future
  • File size: The number of lines of a workable checklist to be created depends on the subscription (effectiviTREE Plus: 25 lines, meineZIELE Plus: 40 lines, meineZIELE Pro: 100 lines, please contact us, if You need more)

Additional services:

  • Password protection: Anyone who knows your checklist URL can open it. Additional password protection can be set up for internal purposes
  • Number of checklists: A meineZIELE Pro license allows one checklist in one language. Please contact us if you need multiple lists
  • Other languages: It doesn't matter in which language you record your file. The operating languages of effectiviTREE are currently German and English. However, extensions are possible. (When creating the checklist, the current operating language is used, that you have just set yourself)
  • Logo and appearance: The checklist can look like it best suits your company. Call us.
  • User licenses: The caller of a list can only save it if he creates an account. This is free up to 80 entries. Larger files require a license. You can purchase a contingent of licenses at low cost and make them available to users. We recommend normal subscriptions if you distribute the licenses directly (e.g. onboarding checklist for new employees) and very cheap short-term licenses with automatic allocation (e.g. for advertising applications)
  • We offer adjustments up to a turnkey solution on your own server

Please contact us. These services cannot currently be booked via our website.

effectiviTREE improves efficiency.