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How to

Easy to use

More than a tool

If You want to use effectiviTREE just as a good outliner tool, go on with step 1.

But there is also a "best practise", a special way of how to make effectiviTREE do much more for You. That is, what You find in "What to do"

Get a free account

Create an account for free. Get a Plus subscription if You need more space or more functions.

To create an effectiviTREE account, You only need an email adress and a good password:
High security standards are very important: Your entries are encrypted on Your device already using Your password. Any text You write in effectiviTREE only leaves Your device as an encrypted, undecipherable string and is stored like this in our database. Your data are best protected with a good, long, complex password. But please be aware of the downside: If You forget Your password, Your data is lost. We cannot read Your data at any time and therefore have no means to help You restore Your data, of You forgot Your password. Be sure to have a copy of Your password in a save place.

After registering You get an email with a confirmation link. Click on this link to finish the registration process. Now You can login.
By the way: If You are ameineZIELE user, You can create Your effectiviTREE account directly from meineZIELE.

Register at effectiviTREE

To create Your very first entry, just click on the welcome line. A small editor panel will apper. Choose the pencil icon.

Zeile bearbeiten

Now You can edit the line.

To create new lines You might
1. Again open the editor panel and select +.
2. Use "blank", "enter" or "insert" on Your keyboard.

The easiest way to move lines is using the mouse or Your fingers on a touchpad. Reordering Your thougts, ideas, goals and tasks is easy and it is good to do it sometimes over and over again.

On the keyboard use tab or right arrow to indent a line. In a line, while editing, the arrows to the left or right will do the job.

In order to habe Your outlined goal clearly arranged, You always can fade in or out subordinated lines. Use the Arrows to the left of Your entry for this.
To open or close all of Your trees, use the arrows at the top.

To delete a line, click onto this line and choose the waste basket from the editor panel.

Please note: Better delete tasks in the tree structure than on the action page. Then think: What is the next important thing? Activate it.

Tasks to successes:
Using the check off icon instead of the garbage can to delete a line will make the task a "success", which means it will remain visible in the success view for up to a year
It is good to see, what You have done and what You have achieved.

Dont override tasks. They would be gone.

There is a redo function
In addition deleted lines are visible for another three days in the success view and may be revived.

To use icons open the icon pool by clicking on one of the three squares to the right of an entry. These are placeholders.


A click will place an icon to the placeholder You clicked before.

Together with the icon pool there is a possibility to link web sites to Your tasks.


Set a link by pasting an adress to the link field and then click on the attachment symbol to the right of it. An attachment icon is placed to the line. Clicks to this icon will open the website.

From Your tasks choose the most important. Best practise would be to choose one to three from each of Your circles of life or projects. Activate them by clicking on the circle to the right of the entry.

Aktive Aufgabe

This circle will change its color to green and the tast will be visible on the action page.

Now in a second step from all of those active tasks select the top 3.

Top Aufgabe

A second click makes an active task a top one. The circle will be dark green. And a third click would deactivate it again.

You will find all of Your active and top active tasks on the action page.

The list of Your tasks will grow, maybe to hundreds or even more than a thousand of entries.. Use the filter function to find what You are looking for.
You may filter for text strings, for links and for icons.

effectiviTREE improves efficiency.