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To become more efficient: Top things to change

You may want to use effectiviTREE just as a tool to draft an idea or to outline some thoughts. That´s fine and a lot of users do that. But think twice: effectiviTREE is more than a tool. Learn more about the top 3 working habits, which are easy to change but have a high impact on Your personal efficiency:

  • Get the right structure in ideas, goals and tasks
  • Improve priority setting
  • Get a connection between documents and tasks
Bundle of pencils

1 - Get the structure

Our brain is build to avoid risky situations. At all times it warned our ancesters not to enter obscure environments, to fear the unknown and to be cautious when dealing with unfamiliar tasks or things. That´s why our subconscious is not a motor, but a brake.

Today we live with the same brain, but in another environment. We would do better, if we were more willing to tackle the unknown. We need a spirit of seizing opportunities and a habit of tackling our goals and tasks with confidence. Nobody thinks "Great, a complicated work to do". We all back off from complex, confusing work. Procrastination is rife. All of us could be much more efficient if we had some way to get rid of this mental brake.

This way does exist. There is indeed a situation, where our subconscious switches from brake to drive, sometimes in the tiniest of moments. This is when things become plain and clear. A confusing task makes us step on the brakes. To split this tasks into a number of smaller ones, each of which we already know how to handle, is the reassurance for the subconscious it is looking for. It builds up trust and the seemingly improbable happens: The subconscious tells us "now go for it" and becomes the drive we deed.

Remember a bundle of pencils. You could not break them altogether. But it would be easy to break one after the other.

What sounds simple may indeed be somewhat more complicated. But anyway: It works. We get more things done when we provide clarity. That is why we need a structure. We should break down big, confusing tasks and goals into partial goals and smaller tasks like the branches, twigs and leaves of a tree.

effectiviTREE provides the perfect outliner for that.

Alarm clock

2 - Improve priority setting

Lets do an experiment. Think of a bell ringing 20 times a day at random. Each time it rings, You think about the importance of the task, You are just working on and You take a note. Tick to the right, if it is really the most important task to do just now. Tick to the left, if its not.

It is quite rare to score at 100 % of work on the top task. Likely would be something around 30. We easily find reasons to do something less important. Maybe just to get rid of all those small and easy tasks to finally find the time for the important things tomorrow ...

To do more of the important and less of the unimportant would provide more important successes. And if You are at 30 % today then 50% is possible.

How to improve that situation? We need better priority decisions. We need more of them. We need them easier. We need those decisions to be clearer than we are used to. We need a system, that helps us to improve our priority decisions kind of automatically.

Your solution is to compare smaller tasks by using the structure mentioned above, by deciding several times using a simple three step system and finally by creating a cycle that helps us never to loose the thread.

And one more important thing: With the new habit to see every task as a branch of a bigger goal, Your mindset will change. You will find Your way from "doing something" to "persuing goals".

effectiviTREE provides that solution.

Desktop clean

3 - Get documents at hand

There are two main ways to deal with documents: Have an order with a defined place for just everything. Or to take notes where things are.

When its just a sheet of paper, which belongs to a future task, why not take a note at the task where to find that paper? Then its at hand. And today when everything is somewhere on the web and every document has its url? Why not have it next to the task and within reach with one click?

Tidying up is a remnant of the past.

effectiviTREE is the web app to do this. And if You need more, a windows software on Your desktop, dealing with just everything like emails or lokal files, then go for meineZIELE


Not number 4,
but an important hint

Motivation is the big thing behind success. To really want it, is important. One big thing behind motivation is the long line of Your successes. You are well aware of some success, if its big. But You forget the small ones. You are not aware of them even though there are a real lot of them. Every single one is too small to remember. But as a whole, they are a big success. Your motivation would grow, if You had a way to experience and to enjoy more of Your small and moderate successes.

That´s easy. Just don´t delete done tasks, but mark them as a success and delete them in a month. And once in a while have a look to Your growing list.

How to do all that

Let effectiviTREE do all this for You.
Its just five steps to do. Its five steps forward.
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