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Frequently asked questions:

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effectiviTREE is an elaborated, secure organizer. You can use it as a clever, free tool to structure just anything. But ist can do much more for You: It helps You to focus on Your goals, to set better priorities and indeed to have more success with less effort. effectiviTREE is secure by client-side encryption.

If You are a meineZIELE user, You can synchronize Your data with effectiviTREE.

20 years of experience with meineZIELE let us expect the free version of effectiviTREE (which allows for a size of up to 100 entries) to be more than enough for a lot of use cases. Therefore check out the free version before You buy a PLUS license. Free versions can be updated later if necessary. The PLUS version of effectiviTREE is needed, if You want to use the interface to meineZIELE, but the effectiviTREE PLUS subscription is included in every meineZIELE Subscription anyway.

You should prefer meineZIELE, the local "twin" of effectiviTREE, when You have local files or Outlook mails, which You want to connect to tasks and open them with just one click. That is what a web application cannot do for security reasons. A second pro for the Windows application is the huge number of functions, which is by far outranking the possibilites of the web app.

There is an interface to combine both solutions.

We are family business and can´t live on giving away. effectiviTREE is free, because we count on fascinating our users and find new excited customers for our main product meineZIELE.

Check it out!

The free version of effectiviTREE allows for one account per email address.

effectiviTREE is easy to use and quick in providing first successes. The App has the crucial core functions. No more and nothing less. You will learn that very quickly.

meineZIELE instead is the full load of sophisticated working methods. Even more success, but also more functions and more to learn. And the strategy part even provides knowhow far beyond the scope of a software tool. To be honest: The big investment isn´t the small fee, but your time. You will put a lot of Your working habits to the test. But meineZIELE pays off.


You know from Windows-Software, like meineZIELE, that often after a test period free function become chargeable. That is not what we plan for effectiviTREE. The effectiviTREE Plus version has more functions and a larger number of possible entries. But there is no time limit to the free version.

Security is important. Your password and Your data are encrypted by effectiviTREE. Please use a good password with letters, numbers and special characters.


You know about social media and email providers, that even confidential content is read by some artificial intelligence software (AI) to present You the best fitting ads. We don´t do that. Not even in the free version. We even couldn´t if we wanted, because Your content leaves Your device encrypted only.

Your data are encrypted directly on Your pc or smartphone and only arrive at our servers as encrypted content. (Which also means: If You forget Your password, Your data are lost)

Yes. You even can create Your effectiviTREE-Account directly from meineZIELE. You can up- and download Your data. The whole meineZIELE file is synced (except option and special files like contacts, serial appointments, cheat sheet ... ) .

There is no download feature in effectiviTREE itself. But it is easily done using meineZIELE and its download interface.

Yes, You can earn money by recommending effectiviTREE and meineZIELE to the visitors of Your own website. There is a generous Affiliate marketing program by our e-commerce partner MyCommerce/ShareIT

Plain goals and time on the piece:
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